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Smiles aren't just a sign of good dental health; they are also a symbol of good overall health. Straightening misshaped teeth can help increase self-esteem and reduce humiliation. The size and shape of teeth can be influenced by genetic and environmental factors. An individual tooth may be misshaped, or it may be the result of an issue that affects the entire mouth.

Some inherited medical disorders may affect teeth, but additional difficulties may prevent them from forming normally. Martineau Family Dental is here to fix your problems with misshapen teeth. Our goal is to make patients feel cared for throughout their treatment. Let us help you if you have any concerns about your dental health. You can reach us by 385-316-6323 or contact us online.

Causes of Misshapen Treatment

  • Genetics: Misshapen teeth are most often caused by genetics. When it comes to our parents' dental markers, we have roughly the same control as we do over our hair or eyes.

  • Illness or injury: Trauma to the face, such as hurting the jaw or mouth, can cause teeth to shift. The most severe cases of misshapen teeth usually come from trauma like this.

  • Timing issues: The teeth of babies are often neglected, but this isn't a good idea. Healthy permanent teeth are directly linked to healthy primary teeth. When permanent teeth begin to move higher due to premature tooth loss, the permanent teeth could shift.

causes of misshapen treatment

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