White Dental Fillings in Pleasant Grove, UT

If you need a filling in your tooth but you are not aware of it, the most possible outcome is that you will develop a cavity, and this can cause disgusting pain and hassle for you. It is much better to solve the problem of further dental complications with fillings, as it can ease your pain and is the only alternative without any tooth replacement.

At Martineau Family Dental, our services are meant to prevent your pain with white dental fillings, which come out a shade of white and match your teeth. These fillings will blend with your teeth effortlessly and give you a seamless smile. If you are a resident of Pleasant Grove, UT, call 385-316-6323 for a consultation with our dentist at Martineau Family Dental. Dr. Zach Martineau will examine you and give you the best white dental fillings. We also provide other services like dental fillings, periodontal therapy, tooth extraction, fluoride treatment, and more.

The Benefits of White Dental Fillings

Before choosing a white filling for your tooth, you should know its benefits. Here are those benefits:

  • The tooth-colored resins used to treat cavities are known as white fillings, commonly referred to as dental composite. These fillings protect your teeth from the blockage of foods and protect them from infections or any other complications.
  • White fillings are attractive, especially when they match the color of the teeth and are thus essentially undetectable.
  • For patients with fractured teeth, white fillings are an alternative since they bond directly to the tooth, whereas silver fillings may not be able to restore the tooth's shape.
white dental fillings and dental caries

Consider Martineau Family Dental for White Dental Fillings

These days, white fillings can seem natural. Many people do not want silver fillings that appear when they grin or smile because they are self-conscious about how they look. If you want to have white fillings in your teeth, call 385-316-6323 or click here to schedule a visit to our office soon. 

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